Portrait Service


Graphic Encounters

also offers the services of a portraitist painter.


Below are a few examples of portraits I painted from more or less recent photographs.

This picture dating back to the 1930's

© Henri Martin-Laval, 2009.

was my model for "Gabriel",




And this photo, taken in 1947



© Henri Martin-Laval, 2009.

induced this portrait of "Fernand",



This one, taken in 1955



© Henri Martin-Laval, 2009.

is the inspiration behind my "Patricia",





And this recent picture

of Henri Martin-Laval





© Henri Martin-Laval, 2009.

prompted me to draw "Henri qui rit".


As a model for a portrait, I can use just about any kind of photograph, paper or numeric, color or black and white. I can make portraits of almost any size in diverse mediums. Prices vary according to the degree of "specialization" of the order.

If you are lucky enough to live less than 100 kilometers away from Cowansville, Québec, I will gladly deliver your portrait in person. If you live further away, I can have your portrait delivered anywhere in the world, but I will then have to charge you packaging and shipment fees.


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